JAFMP Universal: Episode 4

This episode I discuss THE CAT AND THE CANARY with our friend Matt Wall, an “old, dark house” mystery courtesy the late, great Paul Leni. You can find more of Matt at ihatemattwall.com
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Check out this fine film for yourself:

JAFMP Universal Episode 2

This episode, I am joined by Vaughn from Motion Picture Massacre to discuss The Phantom of the Opera from 1925, starring Lon Chaney and Mary Philbin. It may make me rethink how much I drink while recording, or at least my decision not to bother with editing the content, but hopefully it’s an educational and enjoyable listen.

JAFMP Universal Episode 1

Hey, kids! JAFMP is back with our look at the history of Universal Horror. This is an overview episode so you can find out what to expect from the new show. Also, a quick look at the 1913 Universal adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.