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  • JAFMP/Motion Picture Massacre: Covid-19 2: Herbert West: Re-Animator April 14, 2020
    A 2017 Spanish version of the classic HP Lovecraft tale, Herbert West: Re-Animator? Yep, it’s a thing, it’s free to watch, so Vaughn and I…Continue readingJAFMP/Motion Picture Massacre: Covid-19 2: Herbert West: Re-Animator
  • JAFMP Universal: Episode 6 April 7, 2020
    Our good friend Bryan from Geeknerdery drops in to discuss the 1931 version of Dracula, as well as some of the more recent adaptations of…Continue readingJAFMP Universal: Episode 6
  • JAFMP/CORPSE CAST Covid-19 Special 1 April 6, 2020
    Stuck at home with nothing to do? So are Mike Cadaver and myself, so we decided to do a quick episode about Paul Naschy’s directorial…Continue readingJAFMP/CORPSE CAST Covid-19 Special 1
  • JAFMP Universal: Episode 5 January 14, 2020
    This time out, I am joined by Cindy from the Creepy Kitch podcast to discuss another great Paul Leni film, The Last Warning. If you…Continue readingJAFMP Universal: Episode 5
  • JAFMP Universal: Episode 4 January 14, 2020
    This episode I discuss THE CAT AND THE CANARY with our friend Matt Wall, an “old, dark house” mystery courtesy the late, great Paul Leni.…Continue readingJAFMP Universal: Episode 4
  • JAFMP Universal: Episode 3 December 29, 2019
    This episode I am joined by Mike from The Corpse Cast to discuss the Paul Leni classic The Man Who Laughs. Revel in my drunken…Continue readingJAFMP Universal: Episode 3
  • JAFMP Universal Episode 2 December 21, 2019
    This episode, I am joined by Vaughn from Motion Picture Massacre to discuss The Phantom of the Opera from 1925, starring Lon Chaney and Mary Philbin.…Continue readingJAFMP Universal Episode 2
  • JAFMP Universal Episode 1 December 15, 2019
    Hey, kids! JAFMP is back with our look at the history of Universal Horror. This is an overview episode so you can find out what…Continue readingJAFMP Universal Episode 1
  • JAFMP Universal Test Posting November 22, 2019
    Since I don’t have any actual Podcast audio ready yet, but I still need to test the site, here’s the prologue to the audiobook of…Continue readingJAFMP Universal Test Posting